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"be a credit to"是什麽意思   


  1. Such a student is a credit to his class .
  2. Now you've come, you try to do right and be a credit to us .
  3. Good - bye , miss sedley . you are a credit to us
  4. This brilliant pupil is a credit to his teachers
  5. He is a credit to the service , a credit
  6. It's difficult to find be a credit to in a sentence. 用be a credit to造句挺難的
  7. Be sure to invite mr wickham . he is a credit to his profession
  8. He is a credit to the family
  9. Be a credit to
  10. The carrying out of the is9002 quality management system will be a credit to the comprehensive quality of the company
  11. Securities margin trading is a credit to buy space for the operation of the securities and short selling of securities transaction type
  12. Trelawney , said the doctor , i ll go with you ; and , i go bail for it , so will jim , and be a credit to the undertaking
    “特里羅尼, ”醫生說, “我愿與你同行,而且,我可以打保票,吉姆也會去,并且會為這項事業增光。
  13. Essien especially is a credit to the team and himself , unselfishly filling the centre - back role again - william gallas take note
    尤其埃辛,有他實在是球隊的光榮,而他自己又一次無私的填補著中后衛上的空白? ?這時想想加拉吧。
  14. I congratulate you , old boy . she s a pretty mistress to have , and it s not everybody that can have her . hang on to her , she ll be a credit to you
    我祝賀您,我親愛的,這可是一個不太容易到手的漂亮情婦哪,別讓她跑了,她會替您爭面子的。 ”
  15. Irish open is a credit to all martial artists in ireland specially to its founder roy backer who is a world class leading authority in kick boxing
  16. Compact cold - water high pressure cleaner . with its compact dimensions , robust construction and greatest possible manoeuvrability , this unit is a credit to the compact class
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