be at a disadvantage造句

"be at a disadvantage"是什麽意思   


  1. She wasn't able to endure being at a disadvantage .
  2. Will this year ' s michelin users be at a disadvantage in 2007
  3. A young woman wounded , on a crutch . i ' d be at a disadvantage . take a seat
  4. If we make a serious calculation , i am at a disadvantage . how can you still be looking for excuses
  5. Unless you are thoroughly prepared in all respects , you will be at a disadvantage in dealing with problems that occur suddenly
  6. It's difficult to find be at a disadvantage in a sentence. 用be at a disadvantage造句挺難的
  7. As a programmer , when it comes to testing your program to see if it behaves as you want it to , you are at a disadvantage
  8. Jose mourinho is keen for common sense to be applied to decide post - champion league fixtures after standing by his view that chelsea are at a disadvantage
  9. Clubmen were at a disadvantage , however , when facing the better - trained and armed professional soldiers that eventually appeared to defend the early farming civilizations
  10. If your text is buried under hundreds of lines of code , then you ' ll be at a disadvantage compared to the top - ranking and well - optimized websites that compete for your keyword
  11. But this does not hide the fact that in a pragmatic society that prides the importance of english , the chinese - educated are at a disadvantage socially , especially when seen through the eyes of the english - educated
  12. Specialist organisms that have become highly adapted to one environment are then often not so adaptable as less specialized organisms and are at a disadvantage in a changing environment ( adaptation versus adaptability )
  13. As independent directors are at a disadvantage , their size hardly has any impact on the development and performance of companies ; their proportion in board of directors and annual salary have no significant positive correlation with company performance
  14. Therefore this leads to two results : the first is that after china ’ s accession into world trade organization ( wto ) , soe will be at a disadvantage in the fierce competition with foreign capital and private enterprises for professional managers ; the second is that the serious “ insider control ” problems in some soes results in the running - off of the state - owned assets
  15. To some extent , it may precisely be because of the advantaged position of top management that independent directors are at a disadvantage , which is difficult to improve owing to the concentration of shareholder structure on non - circulating shareholders and the emphasis of business operation by board of directors and board of supervisors


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