be damaging to造句

"be damaging to"是什麽意思   


  1. Smoking can be damaging to your health .
  2. Any interference with homeostasis is likely to be damaging to the organism
  3. Any interference with homeostasis is likely to be damaging to the organism
  4. Intensive ultra - violet radiation , visible light and infrared radiation can be damaging to our eyes
  5. Otherwise there may be damage to the donated organs and will not be suitable for donation
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  7. Optional car rental insurance that reduces or eliminates the renter s liability should there be damage to the rental car
  8. With intensifying exploitation of the resources , the grassland and sbrubl : y vegetation it ~ the region has been damaged to a varying extent
  9. The donor s organs must be removed from his body after death and transplanted to the appropriate recipient as soon as possible , otherwise there will be damages to the donated organs
  10. Text : it is introduced that most of the bridges in zhuhai were built between 1970s and 1990s and the concrete surface and the pillars have all been damaged to some extent
    據了解,珠海市的橋梁大多建于70 - 90年代,橋面混凝土、橋梁支座均出現不同程度的損壞。
  11. Only one in 10 of the 2200 people surveyed said they had cut down car use to save energy and just two percent said they had reduced flying because it is damaging to the environment
    200位受訪者僅一成會為了節省能源而少開車,基于飛機污染環境而少搭機頻率的更只有2 % 。
  12. In recent years , along with the development of traffic in china , a portion of bridges have been damaged to a certain degree and the quantity of dangerous bridges is increasing year by year , the carrying capacity of many bridges is falling
  13. While the hkma was blamed for squeezing the interbank market , this was very much the result of the system being run by the book , without any discretion on our part to dampen interest rate volatility that might be damaging to the economy
  14. While the effects of a drug - related jobsite accident can be catastrophic for individuals and companies , management should realize that drug use among employees can be damaging to moral , productivity , and quality even if it does not result in accidents
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