be dead against造句

"be dead against"是什麽意思   


  1. but jim was dead against it at first
  2. therefore, we developed an campus network based educational administration system which is dead against idiographic educational administration
  3. the typical examples includes being hostile to paris commune, " red scare " which spread all over america, and palmer raids which was dead against the red revolution
  4. guangzhou baiyun area ketuo leather factory is dead against their predominance, establish the work important point on the product development, the market development, merchandise purchase, quality examination
  5. i tell you, he replied quickly, like a cornered dog, i am quite willing, provided it doesn t touch your love for me . if it would touch that, i am dead against it . connie could only be silent in cold fear and contempt
  6. It's difficult to find be dead against in a sentence. 用be dead against造句挺難的
  7. be dead against to different field knowledge apply different inference strategy, apply different inference method to certain knowledge and uncertain knowledge, so make the design and evaluation inference more integrity
  8. the dissertation is dead against trouble that iron & steel enterprise encounters during the development of electronic business, puts forward the concept of electronic business logistics which is different from others . in according to the requirements of enterprise's logistics information management, the thesis adopts the advanced developing means and tools of information system, combines with the theory of modern administration from the view of system engineering, completes the system comprehensive programming of electronic business logistics, and compiles application software meeting the demand of enterprise requirement based on-specific network technique and software platform
  9. the progress present situation doing of the chemical industry of tobacco plant commerce enterprise at information be dead against is at present inquired into the problem that exists, and is analyses the position and the effect of information chemical industry work the angle from the tobacco plant commerce information construction of this text, and announces the tobacco plant business management and the relation of information system, and has put forward the basic train of thought of tobacco plant business management information system construction
  10. being dead against these reasons and problems, this paper studies how to build up the chinese brands of nc products to improve the chinese nc enterprises " competition power . and puts forward some strategies to build up brand : carry effective brand management, adopt effective brand advertisement, create service advantage, put in practice brand share, improve ability of technique innovation and strengthen the government's support
  11. this text is by way of would rather analyses the yellow river hydrology silt characteristic, river course property of ningmeng as well as after the long liu reservoir application to the influence of meng heduan, the importance would rather to have expounded that train in the ning meng river course . by way of analysing the present situation of the ningmeng course river course management and father, and puts forward the major problem that exists, and carries on corresponding countermeasure research be dead against these problems . according to property and the engineering present situation of river course, engineering experience and the correlation theory are used, to renovates the principle and renovates the scheme and the measure has carried on the analysis research of overall system
  12. this subject is dead against the appearance of oppressive the teaching of reading and impetuous the mentality of reading, and writing or reading breaking away reality, let the guidance of writing permeate to the teaching of reading for students, so organically combine the training of reading and the guidance of writing together, strengthen students'writing, lay stress on raising students'ability of writing
  13. electric-controller is nubbin in developping . we are based on designing to structure of circuit, we are dead against in time and stabilization for controlling and communications, precision and rapidity for transformation etc . we have completed to select on microprocessor, clock-frequency and a / d transfer . it carry out transformation for valve position signal, and select on solid-switch ac


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