be on the defensive造句

"be on the defensive"是什麽意思   


  1. Yes i hope so . we ' ve been on the defensive for a while now
  2. But he has enough to do , as both companies are on the defensive
  3. If you believe in a cause , speak up for it ; don ' t always be on the defensive
  4. When attacking an enemy who is on the defensive strategically , the red army usually dispeses its own forces
  5. It is essential to rest and train our troops , and the best time for doing so is when the enemy is on the defensive
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  7. In our own hemisphere , narco - traffickers and terrorists are on the defensive thanks to strong united states support for a resolute colombian government
  8. When we are victoriously on the offensive and the enemy is on the defensive , his preparations for the next " encirclement and suppression " campaign are conducted in secret , and therefore it is difficult for us to know when his offensive will begin
  9. But his finest moments were on the defensive end where on consecutive possessions he blocked an jamison 3 , sending rafer alston on his way to a particularly slick fast break , and then suffocated caron butler until he took a 24 - second violation
  10. Our army ' s experience in these five counter - campaigns against " encirclement and suppression " proves that the first battle in the counter - offensive is of the greatest importance for the red army , which is on the defensive , if it is to smash a large and powerful enemy " suppression " force


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