be perplexed for an answer造句

"be perplexed for an answer"是什麽意思   


  1. In the letter , she said : we were perplexed for an answer at the time when the project initiated in pengzhou . until we participated in the week - long supply chain management training conducted by sfagm project at zhejiang university , the fire of our hope burned up , the door of our heart opened , we started developing the market bravely
    信中說道: “時值中加項目啟動之初,也是我們企業迷惘之時,直至中加項目在浙江大學舉辦為期一周的供應鏈管理培訓,企業的希望之火終于燃燒起來,心門敞開起來,我們勇敢地走進了市場” 。
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