be pivotal in造句

"be pivotal in"是什麽意思   


  1. The data measurement and data process modules are pivotal in the software development
  2. This role will be pivotal in the years to come , as information becomes an even more important ingredient of economic development
  3. This role will be pivotal in the years to come , as information becomes an even more important ingredient of economic development
  4. Because green function is pivotal in green function method , several typical methods are introduced for solving green function
  5. More than meets the eye constraint of time forbids me to give you in greater details our public education endeavours , which i believe , are pivotal in helping shape a culture of lawfulness and integrity
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  7. Township and village with profound agriculture culture , beautiful village scenes and full - bodied folk - custom are multitudinous in china . they are pivotal in the march from a great tourism country to a power tourism country for china
  8. Mr chen continued : " amid such difficulties , our solid competitive advantages , including strong financial position , supportive customer relationships , responsive and committed management , were pivotal in diluting the negative impact .
  9. The research on advanced simulation technology is pivotal in the development and construction of national defence weapon equipment at present . it will , establishing a kind of new torpedo weapon simulation environment , offer important means for developing of torpedo weapon and synthetically evaluating of countermeasure capability
  10. Since these figures represent only those cases which have come to our attention , we suspect the magnitude of the problem is much greater than these estimates suggest . bribery continues to be pivotal in many export competitions , with the bribing companies still winning an estimated 80 percent of the contract decisions


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