be populated by造句

"be populated by"是什麽意思   


  1. the village is populated by about 13, 000 farmers
  2. resource will be populated by the win32
  3. this view is populated by use of sql queries
  4. property is populated by the
  5. the value of the variable is populated by the ssistutorial . dtsconfig file
  6. It's difficult to find be populated by in a sentence. 用be populated by造句挺難的
  7. a data error occurred when displaying a cell that was populated by a data source
  8. this dialog is populated by the sql server browser service on the server computers
  9. the skyline of the central business district eventually will be populated by 60-odd commercial and residential towers . the first are already in place and waiting for tenants to move in
  10. button, you can see that the package explorer in eclipse s java perspective is populated by the bridge proxy code, in java language and visual c, as shown in figure 7
  11. the collection classes are singleton classes, which are populated by the ejbs using the events retrieved from the event server and are later accessed by the front end through a session facade to display the kpis
  12. some of the data sources were populated by java applications, and as a result the names used by each application for their locales were the ones found in the different java jdk versions 1.1 . 8, 1.4, etc
  13. you can extend a data source view by adding calculated columns that are populated by custom expressions, adding new relationships between tables, replacing tables in the data source view with queries, and adding related tables
  14. a distributed virtual environment ( dve ) is a distributed application where multiple users are simultaneously present within a simulated 3d space . we call such a shared environment a ( virtual ) world . it is populated by objects with graphical representations


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