1. Mick Beatovic interrupts him to ask of a reporter : " Make that the three amigos, OK ?"
  2. Still, Mick Beatovic said, he suspects one or two straw buyers " slip through " every day.
  3. Mick Beatovic said the store does all it can to prevent straw purchasers, turning away three to five potential buyers a day.
  4. Mick Beatovic said they also are being unfairly singled out because they keep such good records and cooperate so fully with authorities that it makes it easier to trace guns to the store.
  5. "If I was doing something wrong or illegal, I wouldn't be in business, " added Mick Beatovic, owner of Badger Outdoors Inc . " The ATF wouldn't allow it.
  6. It's difficult to find beatovic in a sentence. 用beatovic造句挺難的
  7. The 12-year-old store is owned by brothers Mick and Curt Beatovic, 53 and 44 years old respectively, and their childhood friend Wally Allan, 45, all lifelong gun enthusiasts who Allen says consider themselves " The three banditos ."


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