beatrice aeros造句


  1. In the deciding game, Beatrice Aeros player Cherie Piper scored in the first period.
  2. During the 1999-2000 NWHL season, the Beatrice Aeros played the Sainte-Julie Pantheres in the championship game.
  3. That would prove to be the game-winning goal as Beatrice Aeros claimed the championship by a 1-0 score.
  4. Lauren Goldstein, a Milton native who most recently played for the Beatrice Aeros in Canada, will be among the goaltenders, while Harvard coach Katey Stone will be assistant coach.
  5. With the Beatrice Aeros of the former Central Ontario Women s Hockey League ( COWHL ), Benoit-Wark appeared at the Esso Women s National Championships on seven different occasions.
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  7. The Brampton Thunder won the first NWHL Championship Cup in Beatrice Aeros in 2002, then by the Calgary Oval X-Treme in 2004, and finally by the Montreal Axion in 2006.
  8. *1999-2000 : Sainte-Julie Pantheres defeated Laval Le Mistral and Montreal Axion in the first round of playoffs, and faced the Beatrice Aeros for the finals in Brampton, Ontario.


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