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  1. One of these candidates was Beatrice Brigden who was the first Farmer-Labour candidate from Brandon, Manitoba.
  2. Some I am looking for specifically are : the very first Mexican movie star ( Elena S醤chez Valenzuela ); an MP in Canada ( Beatrice Brigden ); the first activist for disabled person's education ( Elo韘a Garc韆 Etchegorken ), Uruguayan; the first lawyer ( not just first woman lawyer first lawyer ) in Nicaragua ( Olga Nez Abaunza ); Sue Bailey Thurman.
  3. The appointees to the committee were Beatrice Brigden representing Canada and the US; Judith Horcasitas de Forgrave representing Central America and Mexico; Gumercinda P醗z representing the Antilles and Panama; Lucila Rubio de Laverde representing Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela; Mar韆 Mercedes Rivera Urquieta representing Bolivia, Chile, and Paraguay; and Mar韆 Teresa Ferrari de Gaudino representing Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.
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