beatrice kay造句


  1. "' Beatrice Kay "'( April 21, 1907 in New York City  November 8, 1986 ) was an stage and film actress.
  2. Sally Rand, the silent screen actress and fan dancer, famous since the 1933 Dwight Eisenhower, the Duncan Sisters, Woody Strode, Beatrice Kay, Harry Townes, Bob Hope, Jack Benny, Kid Chissell, Angie Dickinson, and Alfred Hitchcock.
  3. Entrepreneur Larsen's full traditional music hall productions featured noted actors and performers, such as Bernard Fox, Beatrice Kay, Larry " Seymour " Vincent, Mousie Garner, Ian Whitcomb, Eubie Blake, Gene Bell, English entertainer Joyce Howard, and other actors and musical stars of the day.
  4. In 1939 Howard collaborated with Beatrice Kay, the husky-voice showgirl, on a radio program called " Gay Nineties ", which revisited his hits from the turn of the century and the teens, which by then had become nostalgic American entertainment for listeners during the Big Band Era.
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