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  1. Mirabal returned to Taos Pueblo in 1949 and studied at the Taos Valley Art School run by Louis Ribak and Beatrice Mandelman.
  2. Ribak met fellow artist Beatrice Mandelman in New York at a dance sponsored by the Artists Union, and the two married in 1942.
  3. Ribak and his wife, Beatrice Mandelman, were members of the  Taos Moderns group, and introduced Spanier to both Mabel Dodge Luhan and Freida Lawrence.
  4. From 1999 2000, Ellis and Harwood board president Gus Foster, teamed up on a proposal to the Mandelman-Ribak Foundation that a selection of works by the two artists for whom the foundation was named Beatrice Mandelman ( 1912 1998 ) and Louis Ribak ( 1902 1979 )  be given to the museum's permanent collection along with a gift of funds for a new gallery to be named for them.
  5. Helfond was politically progressive, and along with contemporaries like Elizabeth Olds, Beatrice Mandelman, and Minna Citron, she is especially well known for works that " pointedly condemned the state of labor, and the relationship between big business and big government, in the 1930s . " Examples of these include " Custom Made " ( 1940 ), a lithograph showing a woman slumped over her work in a WPA sewing room, and " Snow Clearing " ( 1933 ), showing men at work shoveling a street.
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