belconnen way造句


  1. Kingsford Smith Drive intersects with the major roads of Belconnen Way.
  2. Aranda is located 4 km to the west of Civic along Belconnen Way.
  3. It is also easily accessible by road from Belconnen Way and Bindubi Street.
  4. Barry Drive, along with Belconnen Way was constructed between 1965 and 1971 as a single carriageway road.
  5. Along with Barry Drive, Belconnen Way was constructed in stages between 1965 and 1971 as a single carriageway road.
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  7. Buses to Belconnen also stop on Belconnen Way and at the Calvary Hospital located in Bruce without passing through the suburb.
  8. The site is between ( beside ) the present Belconnen Way ( north ) and Smith and Kinleyside Streets ( south ).
  9. It is bordered to the north by Belconnen Way, Bindubi Street to the east, Redfern Street to the south and Coulter Drive to the west.
  10. In 1991, the ACT Liberal Government began consultations for a John Dedman Parkway project, which would have gone from the Barton Highway to Belconnen Way.
  11. On the corner of Bindubi Street and Belconnen Way is the Canberra High School established in 1938, with large playing fields between it and the public swimming pool.
  12. The road forms part of the most direct route between the city centre, Belconnen Town Centre and Black Mountain and joins Belconnen Way in the Canberra Nature Park.
  13. A pedestrian bridge crossing the six-lane Belconnen Way connects the suburb with the suburb of Macquarie are located to Aranda s west on the opposite side of Bindubi Street.
  14. It is bounded by Caswell Drive on the east, separating the suburb from Black Mountain Nature Park, Belconnen Way to the north, Bindubi Street to the west and Aranda Bushland to the south.


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