1. In those times this area also included the village of Belcoo.
  2. Ulsterbus provide limited connections on the longer route via Belcoo to Enniskillen.
  3. Belcoo station opened in 1879, serving both Belcoo and Blacklion, County Cavan.
  4. Belcoo station opened in 1879, serving both Belcoo and Blacklion, County Cavan.
  5. It had a population ( with Belcoo ) of 486 in the 2001 Census.
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  7. Smaller towns in the area include Lisnaskea, Irvinestown, Belleek, Belcoo and Derrylin.
  8. About two miles north-east of Belcoo is Gardenhill, an old derelict Boho.
  9. Belcoo railway station opened on 18 March 1879, and closed on 1 October 1957.
  10. Bus 蒳reann calls at Belcoo on the service Sligo-Manorhamilton-Enniskillen Expressway route 66.
  11. There are particular concentrations of Geopark sites around both Lower Lough Erne and south of Belcoo.
  12. About 150 protesters gathered at the border between Belcoo in Co Fermanagh and Blacklion in Co Cavan.
  13. "' Holywell "'is a small village near Belcoo in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.
  14. On leaving Belcoo the road heads westwards to Belleek is the most westerly numbered road junction in the UK.
  15. The minor team lost out at the quarter final stage of the Ulster Club Championship to Belcoo after extra time.
  16. It has four other transmitter sites in its digital television transmitter group, at Ederny, Derrygonnelly, Belcoo, and Lisbellaw.
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