1. Belcore, Nemorino purchases a love potion that is really only wine.
  2. The baritone Earle Patriarco was a vocally solid Sergeant Belcore.
  3. Belcore, opens Saturday for six performances.
  4. Belcore returns and proposes marriage to Adina.
  5. Later, Nemorino is caught singing by Adina and Belcore, who continue to chastise him.
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  7. Adina enters and wonders if she made the wrong choice in accepting Belcore's engagement.
  8. When Belcore, a sergeant who comes to the village with his troops, romances Adina, Nemorino is unconsolable.
  9. Insulted by his apparent lack of interest in her, she agrees to marry the swaggering Belcore that very evening.
  10. Belcore has become engaged to Adina in the past week, and Nemorino schemes to be rid of the soldier.
  11. Belcore catches them together, but now it's Nemorino's turn to send the other man away.
  12. In a last attempt, Nemorino asks Belcore for a loan and ends up enlisting for the Queen's shilling.
  13. However, when Belcore learns that his regiment must leave the next morning, Adina promises to marry him before his departure.
  14. In America he appeared at Chicago Lyric Opera ( Belcore, 1967 ) and the Metropolitan Opera ( Rigoletto, 1973 ).
  15. Figaro in " Il barbiere di Siviglia " and Belcore in " L'elisir d'amore,"
  16. Still riled by Nemorino and wishing to give him a lesson, Adina falsely promises to marry Belcore in six days'time.
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