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  1. Another, Belcourt Castle, is a privately owned house museum.
  2. Diana Golden was in no mood to attend the annual costume ball at Belcourt Castle in Newport.
  3. Take it from Superior Court Judge Frank Williams, who evicted Kevin Tinney from Belcourt Castle on Wednesday.
  4. The first automobile parade was held in Newport on September 7, 1899, on the grounds of Belcourt Castle.
  5. Some fed caviar to their dogs, and Oliver Hazard Perry Belmont of Belcourt Castle ordered evening clothes for his horses.
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  7. There are many historic mansions in the seaside city of Newport, including The Breakers, Marble House, and Belcourt Castle.
  8. While a nineteen-year-old student he inherited Belcourt Castle in Newport, Rhode Island from his uncle, Oliver Belmont.
  9. These two mansions, along with Belcourt Castle ( the 3rd largest mansion ) and Marble House, were designed by architect Richard Morris Hunt.
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  11. She is the founder of the accessories and jewelry company Alex and Ani, as well as the current owner of the Belcourt Castle and Carolyn s Sakonnet Vineyards.
  12. March is Irish Heritage Month in Newport, R . I ., and a Bunratty-style Irish Renaissance Banquet will be held at Belcourt Castle on March 11.
  13. A couple of worthwhile mansions not with the preservation society are the Astors'Beechwood Mansion ( 401-846-3772 ) and Belcourt Castle ( 401-846-0669 ).
  14. Belcourt Castle is featuring a Nightmare Gallery ( $ 11 ), and Beechwood has an interactive murder mystery ( $ 15 ) and an enactment of an Edgar Allan Poe tale ( $ 9 ).
  15. It was the last of the great " Summer Cottages " constructed, and is the fifth-largest of Newport's mansions & mdash; after The Breakers, Ochre Court, Belcourt Castle, and Rough Point.
  16. The society also offers combination tickets, good for entry from April 1 to March 31 to as many as 8 of the 11 properties it manages, ranging from $ 14 to $ 35.50 for adults . ( The society's mansions do not include The Astor's Beechwood, Belcourt Castle and Hammersmith Farm . ) Information : The Preservation Society, ( 401 ) 847-1000, and www . visitnewport . com /.
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