1. SNAP-tag was obtained using a directed evolution strategy, leading to a hAGT variant that accepts " O " 6-benzylguanine derivatives instead of repairing alkylated guanine derivatives in damaged DNA.
  2. An orthogonal tag, called CLIP-tag, was further engineered from SNAP-tag to accept " O " 2-benzylcytosine derivatives as substrates, instead of " O " 6-benzylguanine.
  3. Because tumor cells that express the " O " 6-benzylguanine ( " O " 6-BG ), an AGT inhibitor, could overcome this resistance and improve the drug's therapeutic effectiveness.
  4. ""'O " 6-Benzylguanine "'( "'O6-BG "') is a synthetic inhibitor of the enzyme O6-alkylguanine-DNA alkyltransferase which leads to interruption of DNA repair and increases the potency of other chemotherapeutic agents that damage DNA, such as temozolomide.
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