benzylic hydrogens造句

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  1. Next, the carbanion resulting from the benzylic hydrogen extraction performs a nucleophilic attack on the electrophilic carbonyl carbon of the amide group.
  2. Even an alkyl group ( with a benzylic hydrogen ) on an aromatic ring is oxidized, e . g . toluene to benzoic acid.
  3. "' Heteroatom-promoted lateral lithiation "'is the site-selective replacement of a benzylic hydrogen atom for lithium for the purpose of further functionalization.
  4. Benzofuranone is another most effective antioxidant, which terminates the chain reaction by donating weakly bonded benzylic hydrogen atom and gets reduced to a stable benzofuranyl ( lactone ) [ 1 ].
  5. The reaction begins with the extraction of a hydrogen from the nitrogen of the amide substituent and the extraction of a benzylic hydrogen from the substituent ortho to the amide substituent by a strong base.
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  7. Although virtually all types of organic materials can undergo air oxidation, certain types are particularly prone to autoxidation, including unsaturated compounds that have allylic or benzylic hydrogen atoms; these materials are converted to hydroperoxides by autoxidation.
  8. This cumene radical then bonds with an oxygen molecule to give cumene peroxide radical, which in turn forms cumene hydroperoxide ( C 6 H 5 C ( CH 3 ) 2-O-O-H ) by abstracting benzylic hydrogen from another cumene molecule.


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