1. Therefore, the most efficient way to make benzylideneacetone is to use equimolar amounts of LDA, acetone, and benzaldehyde.
  2. A well-known Michael reaction is the synthesis of warfarin from 4-hydroxycoumarin and benzylideneacetone first reported by Link in 1944:
  3. However, the benzylideneacetone formed via this reaction can undergo another Claisen-Schmidt condensation with another molecule of benzaldehyde to form dibenzylideneacetone.
  4. "' Benzylideneacetone "'is the organic compound described by the formula C 6 H 5 CH = CHC ( O ) CH 3.
  5. It reacts with ( benzylideneacetone ) Fe ( CO ) 3, a reagent for transferring the Fe ( CO ) 3 unit to other organic substrates.
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  7. One example is the asymmetric synthesis of the drug warfarin ( in equilibrium with the hemiketal ) in a Michael addition of 4-hydroxycoumarin and benzylideneacetone:
  8. The enone complex ( benzylideneacetone ) iron tricarbonyl serves as a source of the Fe ( CO ) 3 subunit and is employed to prepare other derivatives.
  9. The organometallic compound "'( benzylideneacetone ) iron tricarbonyl "'is a reagent for transferring the Fe ( CO ) 3 unit to other organic molecules.
  10. Keto-alkenes are polyhapto ligands that stabilize highly unsaturated low valent metals as found in ( Benzylideneacetone ) iron tricarbonyl and tris ( dibenzylideneacetone ) dipalladium ( 0 ).
  11. Because relatively weak bases such as NaOH make very little of the enolate ion at equilibrium, there is still a lot of unreacted base left in the reaction mixture, which can go on and remove protons from the alpha carbon of benzylideneacetone, allowing it to undergo another Claisen-Schmidt condensation and make dibenzylideneacetone.


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