1. After hydrogenolysis of the benzyloxycarbonyl group, dl-norchelidonine was synthesized.
  2. The systematic name of this enzyme class is "'Nalpha-benzyloxycarbonyl-L-leucine urethanehydrolase " '.
  3. "' Z-FA-FMK "', abbreviating for "'benzyloxycarbonyl-phenylalanyl-alanyl-fluoromethyl ketone "', is a very potent irreversible inhibitor of cysteine proteases, including cathepsins LPS in macrophages by inhibiting NF-?B pathways.
  4. For example, the stepwise liquid-phase synthesis of the dipeptide Z-" L "-Phg-" L "-Val-OMe yields the " LL "-product with 81-84 % which is free from racemic DL dipeptide, using From N-protected Z-" L "-?-phenylglycine ( with the benzyloxycarbonyl group, Z group ) and L-valine methyl ester with the coupling reagent DIC and the additive ethyl cyanohydroxyiminoacetate.
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