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  1. Was selected by berlin film festival , what was your reaction ? to : i wept for joy
  2. 1992 berlin film festival , best actress : " the actress " 1992 chicago international film festival , best actress : " the actress
  3. Her depiction of a 1930s shanghai movie star ruan linyu , won her the best actress award in 1992 berlin film festival
  4. By eric liu after winning the best original score award at berlin film festival , director pang ho - cheung s new film
    Vu le是一個熱愛電影的越裔電影人最近為另一位年青導演sam akina的新片出任監制剛剛完成拍攝
  5. Argentine director fernando solanas has accepted an honorary golden bear prize for lifetime achievement at the 54th berlin film festival
    第54屆柏林電影節日,阿根廷著名導演弗爾南多?索拉納斯獲得終生成就獎(金熊獎) 。
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  7. Lee ' s second film , the wedding banquet , won the golden bear in the berlin film festival and was nominated for best foreign language film in the golden globe and the academy awards
  8. Despite the constant tte - ttes between the threesome , there is a tenderness that is inescapable a director s affectionate ode to her own parents . fipresci and caligari film prize winner , berlin film festival
    導演還是電影系碩士生,才情已被肯定,短片先獲校內電影節頒發最佳導演獎, 《牛皮》獲今年柏林影展國際影評人獎及caligari電影獎。
  9. During the berlin film festival , when you were asked by some reporters about your expectation on the box office result for such a non - commerical film , you did ask the reporters back by saying " then what is commercial film ?
  10. Although the actress once said she didn ' t like being compared with popular chinese star zhang ziyi , zhang jingchu , who starred in 2005 berlin film festival winner " peacock , " is heading for hollywood in a way similar to her schoolmate
  11. A sumptuously wrought biographical account of the tragic life of legendary actress ruan ling - yu 1910 - 1935 , the combination of documentary footage , gorgeous period recreations and juxtapositions between past and present creates a mysterious , alluring portrait of the enigma surrounding ruan s suicide . maggie cheung s performance here , crowned best actress at the berlin film festival , marks the beginning of her ascent to the world s stage
  12. It will also screen the animated short film the smiling fish and its making - of . the animated short runs 9 minutes 40 seconds , with no dialogue , and has won the special jury award of the animation category at the 56th berlin film festival in february this year , championing over 21 other nominees . the short was event regarded as a " simple but beautiful film " by the jury , and had won the love of the jurors
  13. Of all the objects lent by our stars to the exhibition , most noteworthy are the folding fan inlaid with greenbacks offered to ms nam hung by her fans abroad , the gold medal and the huge commemorative cup ms sit kar - yin received in malaysia , the silver bear award ms josephine siao received from the berlin film festival , and the banknote - inlaid emblem of lam kar - sing s fan club


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