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  1. The Stollery was the first hospital in Canada to perform Berlin Heart.
  2. Three other children in the United States have been treated with Berlin Hearts.
  3. On December 16, 2011 the Berlin Heart gained U . S . FDA approval.
  4. It follows the activities of the successful Berlin heart surgeon Dr . Daniel Guth in the Salzburg area.
  5. Berlin Heart's headquarters is in Berlin, Germany, where all products and equipment are also manufactured.
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  7. July 11, Adrian : For a few weeks there has been talk of a device called the Berlin Heart.
  8. In a 2 1 / 2-hour operation on July 13, surgeons connected Miles to a Berlin Heart.
  9. Rosenthal received permission from Stanford's ethics board and the FDA to have a Berlin Heart flown in for Miles.
  10. The Berlin Heart comes in several sizes, including one for small children, and has been used extensively in Europe.
  11. The beauty of the Berlin Heart is that it does not have to be jammed into a baby's tiny chest.
  12. Instead, the artificial heart ( called a Berlin Heart ) allowed for natural processes to occur and her heart healed on its own.
  13. After 146 days, the Berlin Heart was removed, and the girl's heart was able to function properly on its own.
  14. The wholly owned Berlin Heart, Inc . in The Woodlands, Texas provides support for implanting centers in the United States and Canada.
  15. Rosenthal and others at Stanford thought Miles might be saved by the Berlin Heart, a pump that comes in a size suitable for an infant.
  16. On July 8 and 9, Rosenthal asked Stanford's ethics panel and the Food and Drug Administration to let the hospital import the Berlin Heart for Miles.
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