berlin heights造句

"berlin heights"是什麽意思   


  1. They both died on their farm in Berlin Heights.
  2. Its southern terminus is at the Berlin Heights.
  3. Edison was created in 1968 when the school districts from Berlin Heights and Milan consolidated.
  4. Berlin Heights was home to Edison High School's first principal Carroll " Snag " Sanders.
  5. State highways that run through Norwalk include Berlin Heights as well as Lake Erie from the northeast.
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  7. In the late 1850s a branch of the " free love " movement was established in Berlin Heights.
  8. Hudson Tuttle was born in Berlin Heights, Ohio; Emma D . Rood was born in Braceville, Ohio.
  9. They married in 1857, and settled on the Tuttle family farm in Berlin Heights ( a farm Hudson's parents had bought in the early 1830s ), where they engaged in agriculture and horse breeding.


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