berlin high school造句


  1. Brooks attended New Berlin High School, where he played baseball and basketball.
  2. The studios are located at Berlin High School.
  3. He went to Berlin High School in Berlin, Wisconsin and to Milton College.
  4. WERB is mainly run by the Berlin High School Radio Club and its faculty advisor Chris Wolfe.
  5. Born in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Schober graduated from New Berlin High School in New Berlin, Wisconsin.
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  7. Tests on a second letter received at a Berlin high school from Egypt also found no evidence of contamination with sickness-causing agents, he said.
  8. Following a decorated career at Berlin High School on both the varsity golf team and varsity basketball team, Ryan continued his golf career at Long Island University.
  9. He also taught at Bucharest 1897-1902, Amsterdam 1903-08, Philadelphia 1924-28 ) and the Berlin High School for Music 1929-34.
  10. By this time it was called "'Berlin High School "'( Ontario legislation passed in 1871 renamed grammar schools " high schools ) ."
  11. Kenowa Hills first opened its doors in 1963 with only one building for a high school and small rooms for the lower grades, at the previously named Berlin High School.
  12. He studied in Yeshiva Chaim Berlin high school in Brooklyn under Rabbi Yitzchak Hutner, in Yeshivat Har Etzion in Israel under Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein and Rabbi Yehuda Amital and in Yeshiva University.
  13. "It just lingers on your mind, " said the ninth-grader at Berlin High School in Berlin, Connecticut, who works with a group that creates playgrounds for kids with disabilities.
  14. Initially, the school building also accommodated the Berlin Grammar School ( later the Berlin High School, now Kitchener-Waterloo Collegiate and Vocational School ) in the second-floor room in the northeast corner of the building.
  15. From age 15, Goldschmidt took lessons in harmony and counterpoint with the then conductor of the Hamburg Opera, Werner Wolff, and in 1922 enrolled at the Berlin High School for Music, where he specialized in conducting and composition.
  16. He completed doctoral studies under Leopold von Ranke in 1848 and passed the state teacher's examination in 1849 . During the years 1849 54 he was an auxiliary teacher at a Berlin high school and was also employed as a schoolmaster ( 1854 66 ).
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