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  1. So why was the Berlin mandate as strong as it turned out?
  2. The accord to begin talks, known as the Berlin mandate, heartened environmentalists and their governmental allies.
  3. The Berlin Mandate also clearly indicated that no new commitment will be introduced to developing countries.
  4. The Berlin Mandate established in 1995 excluded developing countries from any new commitments until after the Kyoto meeting, they pointed out.
  5. ANSWER : Malaysia considers the focus at the Kyoto meet should be the Berlin Mandate which was adopted in the first conference of parties in 1995.
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  7. Wirth said the United States is proposing a " Berlin Mandate " that would " call for a new aim " that goes " beyond the year 2000 ."
  8. Instead, these countries made a new commitment, known as the Berlin Mandate, under which they would try to set new emission targets for the years after 2000 by 1997.
  9. BERLIN MANDATE _ The decision by a 1995 United Nations climate conference in Berlin to seek commitments beyond the 1992 Rio agreement, under which developed nations volunteered to limit greenhouse emissions.
  10. The lobby didn't like the Berlin mandate, which it contended would lead to measures that would hurt American competitiveness while giving the United Nations too much influence over U . S . policy.
  11. Suphavit noted that according to the Berlin Mandate, which is supposed to guide climate change negotiations up to the end of COP-3, there are not supposed to be any new commitments for developing countries.
  12. The Berlin Mandate also specifically provides for the negotiators to examine a proposal by the Alliance of Small Island States under which the industrialized world would be required to cut emissions 20 percent more below the 2000 target level by 2005, with possible additional reductions in 2010 and 2020.


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