1. Originally from Etobicoke, Ontario, he was a founding member of the rock band Rheostatics, and currently performs with "'Bidiniband " '.
  2. Dave Bidini's song " The Land is Wild ", released as the title track of the Bidiniband's debut release in June 2009, tells the life story of Fogarty.
  3. After the demise of Rheostatics, Bidini formed "'Bidiniband "', featuring former Rheostatics member Don Kerr on drums, Paul Linklater on guitar, and Doug Friesen on bass.
  4. On April 12, 2014, Rheostatics ( Bidini, Kerr, Tielli, Vesely ) performed with Bidiniband and various guests as part of the 2nd Annual Stompin'Tom Memorial Show at the Horseshoe Tavern.
  5. She is an occasional member of the experimental electronic music and visuals group The Faceless Forces of Bigness with Justin Stephenson, Chris Stringer, Kurt Swinghammer, and Michael-Phillip Wojewoda, and she has collaborated with the Rheostatics, Martin Tielli, Bidiniband, NQ Arbuckle, Veda Hille, Justin Rutledge, and Act of God with Bidini, Tielli, and Fred Frith.
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