1. Here is a large birket and twelve cisterns for water ."
  2. The water supply is derived from a large birket and cisterns ."
  3. Water is supplied from a spring and many cisterns and large birket ."
  4. From the oasis it flows to the Birket Qarun ( Lake Moesis ).
  5. It persists today as a smaller saltwater lake called " Birket Qarun ".
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  7. There is a birket and many cisterns at the village, and a spring near ."
  8. When his father, Myles Birket Foster died, the artist son's obituary was published.
  9. Water is obtained from numerous cisterns; a birket and spring to the south-east ."
  10. Both are tributaries of the Birket, which discharges into West Float and then into the River Mersey.
  11. Israeli helicopters raided the village of Birket Jabbour, in the southeast Bekaa Valley, a few minutes later.
  12. Birket Foster travelled widely, painting the countryside around Scotland, the Rhine Valley, the Morris and Company.
  13. For the second half of the 1901 02 campaign, Birket was moved to the right-back position.
  14. There were a few gardens around the village, and water was supplied from a well and a birket.
  15. There were over 240 wounded in the divisional collecting stations such as Birket umm Amud from the front line.
  16. The water supply is from about ten rock-cut cisterns in the village and a birket near ."
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