blind investment造句

"blind investment"是什麽意思   


  1. In view of the birth of plant tissue culture research institutions in all parts of the country in succession and tissue culture industry investment upsurge in recent years , this paper superficially analysed the application prospects and limitations of the woody plant tissue culture technique in the scientific research and production from the aspects of woody plant tissue culture technique characteristics , present industrialization situation , existing problems and solutions , etc . , which provides the references for developing the test - tube fast - propagation technique and studies in the commercial application field in our country better , predicting the benefit of popularization and application of woody plant tissue culture technique in the forestry production as well as avoiding the blind investment risk
  2. The problems of those overseas enterprises come from a variety of aspects : blind investment strategy ; lack of the effective supervision on the overseas investments causing the great loss of state - owned property ; complicate formality of administrative examination and approval , faulty associated policy ; limited scale , dispersive operation and disjointed supply chain ; short of scientific management system within the enterprise , etc . nowadays , not only the state - owned enterprises but also the private ones are involved in the overseas direct investment
  3. Besides the malpractice coming up with the stock investments , the author analyzed the intention of those public companies investment into security agents , pertinent financial problems and law problems in this dissertation regarding the reality of stock investment into security agents by public company , the author pointed out that under current situation , public company should focus on their main business fields without any blind investments into virtual economy , and the security agents should build up their financial strength and extend their financing channel to meet the coming international competition
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