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  1. Plate shaped dc blocking high power ceramic capaci
  2. ( 3 ) obviously differences exist in the location of east - asia block high , the area of subtropical high and its position between extreme flood year and flood year in sxsp
    ( 3 )三峽庫區夏季特澇年及偏澇年中高緯度東亞阻塞高壓位置、副熱帶高壓偏西程度及面積大小存在明顯差異。
  3. The quasi - geostrophic process was diagnosed for a case of severe cold air breakout under the blocking situation during 16 - 18 march of 1998 . the attention was focused on the relationship between the surface anticyclone and 500hpa blocking high . the results indicate that the cold outbreak is associated with the adjustment of blocking situation in the ural area , i . e . the collapsing and rebuilding of the ural mountain blocking high . the temperature advections in the lower troposphere shown that the polar cold air invading from the northwest caused the ural blocking high collapsed , and a new ridge developed rapidly was due to the warm advection on the southwestern side which led to the ural blocking high rebuilt . in addition , the distribution of the vertical motion on 700hpa shown that the surface high splitting was related to the considerable upward motion located on the southeastern part of surface high
  4. Firstly , subtropical high center lay to the north than usual , and forms a blocking high in combination with land high in eastern asia . secondly , on account of the strong southwest current which occurred at the west side of the subtropical high and dynamic effect of the typhoon itself , the landing northward tropical cyclone ( 9711 ) landed in liaoning again . thirdly , a trough with some weak air from ural mountain and the northeast cold air entering into the tropical cyclone showed that the systems in different latitudes had some effects each other
    模擬結果表明:此次熱帶風暴造成遼寧全省大暴雨的天氣背景是:副熱帶高壓偏北并與大陸高壓疊加,構成了穩定的東亞阻塞形勢; 9711臺風減弱的熱帶風暴,在其自身內力和副高西側的強盛偏南氣流引導下,持續北上并在遼寧營口至盤錦之間登陸;從烏拉爾山冷堆分裂南下出的弱冷空氣不斷南下,與熱帶風暴在遼寧產生了相互作用,增強了上升運動,致使大暴雨出現。
  5. As a result , we find that in winter when the kuroshio is cooler than the normal , at following summer , the continental cyclone deepen and the east asia monsoon strengthen , that the mid - latitude blocking high weaken and zonal circulation develop , the east asia teleconnection of " - + - " is stired up , so that subtropical high weaken and diminish , and tend to east north , tropical monsoon trough strengthen and mei - yu front weaken , and tend to north , meanwhile south asia high weaken and diminish , and tend to eastvnorth , is easy to form eastern region type
    結果發現當黑潮海溫冷異常時,后期夏季大陸熱低壓加深,東亞夏季風偏強。中緯度阻塞高壓減弱,東亞地區緯向環流發展,在東亞-西太平洋地區激發“ - + - ”的東亞遙相關型,從而西太平洋副高強度偏弱,面積偏小,位置偏東、偏北,東亞梅雨鋒也偏弱,季風槽則變強,位置偏北。同時南亞高壓偏弱,位置偏北、偏東,易形成東部型。
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  7. In dry ( wet ) year , mongolia high was stronger ( weaker ) , indian low was later ( sooner ) and weaker ( stronger ) , baikal blocking high was stronger ( weaker ) , asian summer monsoon was weaker ( stronger ) , west pacific subtropical high leaned toward north ( south ) , east ( west )
    這些異常表現為:旱(澇)年蒙古高壓異常偏強(弱) ,印度熱低壓建立晚(早)且較弱(強) ,貝加爾湖阻塞高壓較強(弱) ,亞洲夏季風偏弱(強) ,西太平洋副熱帶高壓偏南(北) ,偏東(西) 。
  8. Analysis shows that when summer precipitation in north china is richer ( less ) , tropical east pacific ssta is colder ( warmer ) phase , and slp and 500hpa geo - potential height are negative ( positive ) anomaly over the asia , west pacific sub - high is northerner ( southerner ) , and block high in mid - highs latitude happens less ( more ) than normal , east monsoon is stronger ( weaker )
    分析表明華北夏季多(少)雨期,赤道中東太平洋ssta處于冷(暖)位相,在非洲大陸上slp利500hpa位勢高度均為負(正)異常,西北太平洋副高位置偏北(南) ,中緯度阻塞高壓發生頻率較低(高) ,東亞夏季風偏強(弱) 。


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