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  1. After single line declarations non - block level declarations
  2. Block level access
  3. And the estimate of motion based on block level moving was also discussed
  4. If this frame field adaptation is extended to macro block level , the coding efficiency will be further increased
    在h . 264 avc中,圖像級的幀場自適應paff編碼和宏塊級的幀場自適應mbaff編碼都被采納。
  5. It ’ s a pc cluster running linux named network storage cluster ( nss ) . it ’ s a linux block level implementation and is transparent to file systems . using pc cluster , it ’ s scalable and low - cost implementation
    根據tns數據布局的特點,本文提出了基于linuxpccluster結構的存儲系統體系結構的設計方案? ?網絡存儲集群( nss : networkstoragecluster )系統。
  6. It's difficult to find blocking level in a sentence. 用blocking level造句挺難的
  7. According to the program structure of ansi c , some syntax - tree - nodes are designed in front - end , including function , block , data structure , type , expression , identifier and so on . syntax tree is divided into three levels , namely program level , function level and block level , which are useful for analysis of syntax and semantic in compiler as well as transferring syntax tree into rtl . retargetable compiler mainly includes intermediate representation , machine description and interface technique between compiler and machine description
  8. Next , this paper continues with an analysis on the three levels of the scale - the city level ( including the block level ) , the street level , and the building level ( including the building complex level > the single building level , the intermediate level and the detail level ) , aiming at setting up an integrated cognition system of historical scale of the old city area of ming dynasty , which can well mark the scale characteristics in the historical city form
    其后通過對城市(分整體尺度與街區尺度) 、街道、建筑(分地塊尺度、單體整體尺度、中間尺度與細部尺度)三個層級尺度的分析,試圖建立一個比較完整的明城區歷史尺度的認識體系,它可以很好地標示出歷史形態在尺度層面的特征。明城區的歷史尺度不僅是一個有多層級的整體系統,而且具有人性化與模數化的特征,這也是我們在尺度的保護中應該加以注意的。


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