blocking lock造句

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  1. The process does not hold long - term blocking locks ; therefore , it will not block running queries or updates
  2. Hydraulic style slide block locking device , keep tool mold s altitude , to ensure precision for product s ask
  3. Tracks when lock requests cannot be completed because another transaction has a blocking lock on the requested resource
  4. System monitor performance monitor in microsoft windows nt 4 . 0 collects counts and rates rather than data about the events for example , memory usage , number of active transactions , number of blocked locks , or cpu activity
    系統監視器( microsoft windows nt 4 . 0中的性能監視器)將收集計數和比率而不是與事件相關的數據(例如,內存使用量、活動的事務數、阻塞的鎖數或cpu活動) 。
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