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  1. The bloody work they performed was often attended by crowds who came for entertainment.
  2. The Serbs have almost finished doing the bloody work they set out to do.
  3. Driving an ambulance in Karachi is bloody work for Sardar Ahmeel, but it is regular.
  4. The Unabomber, meanwhile, had begun his bloody work.
  5. Edmonds could not find enough people among Young's 12, 000 people willing to do the hard, bloody work.
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  7. One of its most interesting notions is that, for all his bloody work, Martin remains virtually a child on an emotional level.
  8. Several students said the killers laughed as they went about their bloody work, loudly proclaiming intent to kill people of color and athletes.
  9. When my percentage is down, it causes me to go and bloody work out and get it back up to a bloody 90 percent.
  10. I think what keeps you going is that love inside you and the hope and the faith that things are going to bloody work out in the end.
  11. The key to prevailing in such bloody work is psychological hardening, said Eaton, an intense, ruddy-faced West Pointer whose conference room displays bayonets used in past American wars.
  12. The other confrontation, the one Wei was watching, took place in front of the Military Museum, three miles from Tiananmen Square, where much of the bloody work was done.
  13. In the 17th century an important scientist such as Dr . Tulp would not be involved in menial and bloody work like dissection, and such tasks would be left to others.
  14. For example, Neo-Assyrian King Ashurnasirpal II ( r . 883 859 BC ) was evidently proud enough of his bloody work that he committed it to monument and eternal memory as follows:
  15. The idea that German troops would be seen again on the same territory where they had done their bloody work in the Second World War was for many, especially young people, unimaginable.
  16. But this time, perhaps heeding the plea of President Bush and other leaders, Americans immediately recognized that these atrocities were the bloody work of individuals _ not of entire religions or ethnic groups.
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