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  1. Canady also wrestled at both Bloodymania II and Bloodymania III in singles matches.
  2. A match was then set for Bloodymania II where The Pimp and Gimp Connection would face Kennedy and a mystery partner.
  3. The next week it was announced that Tracy and Isabella Smothers would face Boondox and 2 Tuff Tony at Bloodymania II.
  4. The end of the final episode featured Raven and Corporal Robinson cutting promos about their match at " Bloodymania II ".
  5. On August 10, 2008, Nash and Hall teamed up again as The Outsiders at Bloodymania II to defeat The Thomaselli Brothers ( Brandon and Vito Thomaselli ).
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  7. The two battled throughout the second season of SlamTV !, and met in a tag team match at Bloodymania II where Tony and Boondox defeated Smothers and Bull Pain.
  8. In the final episode of the season, Tracy Smothers challenged Boondox to a tag team match at " Bloodymania II "; Tracy and Isabella against Boondox and anybody Boondox chooses.
  9. Tracy and Isabella Smothers were then scheduled face Boondox and 2 Tuff Tony at Bloodymania II . However, Isabella was replaced by Bull Pain after she injured her leg, and Smothers and Pain lost to Tony and Boondox.
  10. After the main event, special guest referee Nosawa ripped off his referee shirt to reveal that he, too, was a member of the JWO . At " Bloodymania II ", Hall teamed with Kevin Nash, who proclaimed himself a member of the group.
  11. The two continued to battle throughout the season, leading to Robinson defeating Raven in a Ladder match at Bloodymania II . Corporal Robinson, managed by Terry Funk, was then booked to face Raven, managed by Todd Bridges, and Mike Knox, managed by Scott D'Amore, in a Triple Threat match at Bloodymania IV.


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