1. A rematch was scheduled between the two at Bloodymania 5.
  2. Canady also wrestled at both Bloodymania II and Bloodymania III in singles matches.
  3. Canady also wrestled at both Bloodymania II and Bloodymania III in singles matches.
  4. The Summer 2012 Mantel was booking for Juggalo Championship Wrestling, culminating in Bloodymania 6.
  5. A rematch was scheduled for Bloodymania IV.
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  7. Two days later at Bloodymania V, Raven and Sexy Slim Goody won the JCW Tag Team Championship.
  8. At " Bloodymania III ", Brandon and Vito lost the championship to The Weedman and Billy Bong.
  9. Jeeves then challenged Wellington to a match at Bloodymania 5 where the winner would receive the services of his wife.
  10. Both men wrestled each other at Bloodymania 5, with Gowen emerging victorious after U-Gene was caught cheating again.
  11. A match was then set for Bloodymania II where The Pimp and Gimp Connection would face Kennedy and a mystery partner.
  12. A match was then set for Nosawa and The Great Muta to face Justin Credible and his mystery partner at Bloodymania.
  13. The next week it was announced that Tracy and Isabella Smothers would face Boondox and 2 Tuff Tony at Bloodymania II.
  14. Bloodymania events, like other professional wrestling shows, feature matches that are prearranged by the promotion's writing staff.
  15. Juggalo Championship Wrestling currently hosts JCW Try-Outs, Oddball Wrestling, Flashlight Wrestling, and Bloodymania at every Gathering event.
  16. Part 2 ( featuring episodes 10-15 including East Side Wars and Bloodymania ) " became available on October 30.
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