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  1. The Bloom Brothers Challenger of Midlothian is part of the USTA Women's Challenger Series.
  2. Children's Room painting of Main Street in 1913 includes "'Bloom Brothers Chambersburg # 3 "', 1913-39 ( Chambersburg Heritage Center)
  3. These circumstances left oldest brother Ben and the next oldest, Isaac H . Bloom ( 1872 1955 ), to open the first Bloom Brothers store at 84 South Main in Chambersburg on March 10, 1900.
  4. His father was vice-president and sales manager of Bloom Brothers Department Stores in Franklin County, Pennsylvania, and his mother, raised in New York City, had been a bookkeeper for Macy's department stores there before her marriage.
  5. "' Bloom Brothers Department Stores "'were located at sites in Franklin County, Pennsylvania, and Baltimore, Maryland, from the company's founding in 1897 as The Old Reliable Dry Goods Store until the closing of the Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, store in 1944.
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  7. Maria Paola Zavagli of Italy continued her upsetting ways Friday in the dlrs 25, 000 USTA Bloom Brothers Challenger of Midlothian tennis tournament, knocking off fifth-seeded Brie Rippner of the United States, 6-0, 6-3 to move into the semifinals at the Brandermill Country Club.
  8. Fire consumes former "'Bloom Brothers Waynesboro # 2 "'buildings ( Zenith and Sherman's ), 23-25 West Main Street, June 28, 1973 . "'The Bloom Building "'stands between Sherman's and columned First National Bank ( Waynesboro Record Herald)
  9. Benjamin Bloom died of tuberculosis in March 1904 at the age of 43, but Bloom Brothers thrived under Isaac as president and principal buyer, earning a dedicated customer base by offering " 15 % to 25 % lower prices than other stores " advertised in the " Chambersburg Valley Spirit " and the " Waynesboro Herald ".
  10. Thanks to the company's aggressive discounting, the frugal farmers and merchants of the surrounding Pennsylvania and Maryland countryside descended upon Bloom Brothers every Saturday, and the Waynesboro store, having outgrown the first floor of the Old Town Hall, moved to a double-storefront at 23-25 West Main Street in March 1903 ( see pictures ).


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