boar bristle造句


  1. Individual boar bristles are slightly tapered with naturally split ends commonly called flags.
  2. Boar bristles are available cheaply from many sources.
  3. The best chairs employ horsehair or boar bristle, a stiffer, more durable batting.
  4. Natural boar bristles are more expensive than their synthetic counterparts and generally don't perform significantly better.
  5. Boar bristle, horsehair, ox hair, badger hair, and sable are natural filaments obtained from animals.
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  7. They are more water-resistant than boar bristles, so they can be used with water-based paints.
  8. Unlike badger hair and synthetic fibers, boar bristles absorb water, so the brush should be soaked before use.
  9. The 1986 reconstruction, based on conservation work carried out at the British Museum has boar bristles running along the back.
  10. This is performed using a needle made from a boar bristle, rather than a manufactured steel needle, due to the need for flexibility.
  11. Decorative hunting pins are extremely prized for Romanian hunters in their sporting hats, which depending on the wealth or type of hunter can range from a simple fresh branch of fir tree or pine to animal hair brushes or pheasant chest feather fans; the most expensive are usually silver cased boar bristle tufts or capercaillie feather fans.
  12. Brushes made in China or India with boar bristle are supplied wholesale, while even the cheapest wholesale Badger brush costs at least $ 10; even the cost difference between badger brushes with resin handles vs . expensive horn handles shows that, except with exotic materials such as sterling silver, special woods, ivory, bone or custom materials, badger hair is the costliest element of a brush.
  13. "' Wild boar hunting "'( " vanatoarea la mistret " ) ( " Sus scrofa " ) is the most common big game sport in Romania; wild boar is often used for meat as well as for trophies ( conventionally the male tusks only, but also shoulder mounts, female tusks, silver hat pins with boar bristles or hair or even skins and rugs ).


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