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  1. About 25 % of consumers cannot detect the taint chemicals and about 80 % of boar pigs do not have taint.
  2. In " The Boar Pig ", the titular animal, Tarquin Superbus, is the point of contact between society ladies cheating to get into " the " garden party of the season and a not entirely honest young schoolgirl who lures him away by strategically throwing well-bletted medlars : " Come, Tarquin, dear old boy; you know you can't resist medlars when they're rotten and squashy ."
  3. Some of the domestic animals that were planned for the agricultural area during the first mission included four pygmy goats and one billy goat from the plateau region of Nigeria, 35 hens and three roosters ( a mix of Indian jungle fowl ( " Gallus gallus " ), Japanese silky bantam, and a hybrid of these ), two sows and one boar pig ( feral ), as well as tilapia fish grown in a rice and azolla pond system originating millennia ago in China.
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