boar spear造句


  1. Boar spears remained in use as weapons until the early Middle Ages.
  2. It is shown being carried, along with a boar spear, by a carpenter or wagoner accompanying a supply train.
  3. The bear spear was similar to a boar spear, but it had a longer and harder shaft and a larger head.
  4. It could also be used against smaller animals such as boars, but in that case it was more unwieldy than the specialized boar spear.
  5. Beginning in the Middle Ages as a passion or test of manhood, bears, wild boars and sometime stags were killed from close quarters with boar spears after being chased and bayed with dogs.
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  7. A scene from " Richard III ", directed by Keith Fowler for the Virginia Shakespeare Festival in Williamsburg, site of the first Shakespearean performances in America . ( Here Richard is stabbed with a boar spear by the Earl of Richmond .)
  8. :: : : : : : : There isn't much of a point, pun intended, carrying a spear with a sheath on it, but I do like the idea of attaching a bell to it, since it is a boar spear it should be easy to tie it to the quillion.
  9. The boar spear also became popular as a weapon of war, since the lugs can also be used to hook shields out of the way during combat, as well as preventing a spear thrust from going too far into a victim ( particularly a charging horse ), thus making it easier to quickly withdraw, and less likely to break.
  10. Their arms were parted and out of the parting line sprouted a " Schweinsfeder " (  swine s feather  a spearlike war weapon somewhat similar to the boar spear mentioned in the blazon, which itself in German has a similar name : " Saufeder ", or  sow s feather ) with a golden bend.


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