board 8造句


  1. It came after crowded, stormy meetings of Community Board 8.
  2. The neighborhood extends through much of Brooklyn Community Board 8 and Weeksville.
  3. He's also served as a member of Community Board 8.
  4. The neighborhood is part of Bronx Community Board 8.
  5. The neighborhood is part of Manhattan Community Board 8.
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  7. Everybody's band saw will resaw a board 8 to 10 inches wide.
  8. Bronx Community Board 8 oversees the day-to-day operations of Marble Hill.
  9. Elected officials from Manhattan Community Board 8 protested the lack of stations in East Harlem.
  10. He also served as President of the Jamaica Estates Association and as a member of Queens Community Board 8.
  11. "' Bronx Community Board 8 "'is a local representative government unit of New York City.
  12. As part of his new job, he testified in favor of the new zoo at Community Board 8 last week.
  13. He left Cartagena with 460 men on board 8 schooners and attacked Portobelo ( Panama ) on January 16, 1814.
  14. Nevertheless, they say, they chose to appear before Community Board 8 in February 1996 to inform residents of their plans.
  15. Barry Schneider, chairman of Community Board 8 in Manhattan, said the police had reduced overall violence during the last several years.
  16. Lancman served on Community Board 8 for over sixteen years, chairing first the Aging Committee and then the Youth & Education Committee.
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