board and care造句


  1. Kienle moved with his wife into the board and care home in 1988.
  2. Many of the larger homes were converted into apartments or board and care facilities.
  3. A handful will remain on board and care for the Cole as it is carried back to Norfolk.
  4. Such facilities may be described as assisted living facilities, board and care homes, or rest homes.
  5. Thousands of Arizona's frail, confused elderly are trapped in a broken system called board and care.
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  7. In fact, a large majority of board and care homes are designed to room less than 6 people.
  8. Board and care homes are typically staffed by licensed professionals, including nurses, doctors and other medical professionals.
  9. Homes providing board and care for the aging on a small-scale level have been around a long time.
  10. Board and care homes offer residents 24 hour assistance, making them a highly popular choice for those in need of regular assistance.
  11. Since her injury, DeGree has lived in a psychiatric facility, except for three months in a mental health board and care home.
  12. There are even orchid-sitters here _ professionals who board and care for snowbirds'precious flowers when they move north for the summer.
  13. In discussing it with Anne's sister and her husband, George discovers Anne had left money with them for his board and care.
  14. In addition to helping the wounded ship fight myriad fires, " Hamilton " took on board and care for the more seriously injured sailors.
  15. Aaron Straus, owner of a San Francisco board and care home, spent weeks preparing payroll records and coaching his staff to handle things in his absence.
  16. In addition, the Kat Farm, as it is also known, provides board and care, and it is also listed as an adoption agency on Petfinder . com.
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