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  1. All of the board and lodging expenses during the employment period will be borne by the party a
  2. If party b refuses to be employed by the party a after graduation , or party b terminates the employment with party a without party a ' s consent or if the employment is terminated by reason of circumstances which are imputed to party b , party b shall compensate to party a one hundred and fifty percent of the total amount of the training cost ( including but not limited the tuition , transportation fees , board and lodging expenses and the intern - remuneration paid by party a ) , and the retention under article 6 will not be paid
    學生乙方于取得碩士學位后,不同意受聘于甲方亞炬,或雖至甲方任職,但未獲甲方亞炬同意而提前離職或可歸責于乙方而終止雇用契約者,則乙方須賠償甲方所已支付之培訓費總額(包括學費、交通費、食宿費及實習費) 1 . 5倍,且第六條之保留款將不予核發。
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