boat and oar造句

"boat and oar"是什麽意思   


  1. Later in the year, the school bought new boats and oars.
  2. There have been boats and oars recovered which indicate proficiency with boats and watercrafts.
  3. Boats and Oars are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  4. Boats and oars were stored on the ground floor, and the changing and locker rooms were up an outside a wooden staircase.
  5. The crew members prepare their boats and oars, warming up with a jog and calisthenics before finally descending to the lake for practice.
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  7. The coastguard at Mullion Cove saw a small boat capsize outside the breakers, the boat and oars coming ashore with no one aboard.
  8. The club instigated the Arnst / Whelch Memorial Trophy which consists of a miniature single sculls boat and oars made of copper, mounted on a granite base and all enclosed in a glass and rimu case.
  9. Since there was no other international schoolboy competition at the time, this was a de facto world championship for Charlie's crews . ( More recently, there is organized international competition for both boys and girls under 18 . ) Since rowing was only a club sport at Washington-Lee, a public high school, most of the money was raised locally to take his crew, boat and oars to England where they stayed in the neighboring town of Nettlebed.


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