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  1. In addition to raiding Spanish supplies, he targeted a boat bridge the Spanish had set up across the Volturno River.
  2. Valens'army crossed the river at Noviodunum ( Isaccea ) using a boat bridge and met the Gothic army in Bessarabia.
  3. On the evening of 14 April, in the wireless room on the boat bridge, but Phillips continued working Cape Race.
  4. Sher Singh and Hari Singh crossed the Attock river via a boat bridge and took over the Jahangira fort after a small battle.
  5. Mohammad Azim Khan also destroyed the boat bridge at Attock so Mahajarah Ranjit Singh and his army would not be able to cross.
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  7. Years later, a similar boat bridge would be constructed by Xerxes the Great ( Xerxes I ), in his invasion of Greece.
  8. Building a boat bridge, Hill thrust 20, 000 troops across the Gave d'Oloron at Viellenave-de-Navarrenx between Sauveterre and Navarrenx.
  9. Maxentius, no longer certain that he would emerge from a siege victorious, built a temporary boat bridge across the Tiber in preparation for a field battle against Constantine.
  10. Montreuil, who believed the time had come to retreat to the other side of the river, behind the entrenchments and artillery of the boat bridge, refused to obey.
  11. The Rialto became an important district in 1097, when Venice's market moved there, and in the following century a boat bridge was set up across the Grand Canal providing access to it.
  12. They mention the Torre del Oro by name, and only a chain that held a set of boats bridging Seville with what is now the Castle of St . George, on the Triana side.
  13. Some part of the Russian infantry crosses the boat bridge thrown over Siret river at Ciuslea village, and they refuge on the eastern shore of Siret river . At the order of the Russian commander they proceed at burning the bridge . Following the Russians, the germans turn to the right and try to cross the bridge by surprise : they stand now in front of the burning bridge and they are received by a rain of projectiles thrown by the Romanian artillery from the front shore of the river . Forced to retreat, the germans give up the crossing of the bridge over Siret river and organize, for the night to come, to force the crossing over : the bridge parts are brought behind enemy lines and sheltered in Padurea Neagra ( The Black Forrest ).
  14. On the boat bridge from Furceni, the 8thBuzau Regiment crosses the Siret river occupying Doaga . The whole of Siret shores are full of unorganized Russians . the regiment receives fire from the left, from the direction of Strajescu forrest . The romanians have no artillery, which has been left on the left shore of Siret river, they advance as to occupy Strajescu village which they thought is still in russian hands . To their big surprise, the romanians see themselves, all of a sudden, attacked by a violent machinegun fire, which was coming from the outskirts of the village but mostly from the north-east line of Strajescu forrestthe russians evacuated the position and run away, without announcing the romanians, and behind them the germans occupied, withot a fight the village and the forrest . the soldiers of 8th Buzau regiment are not intimidated and attacks the enemy . A live fight of rifles, grenades and machine guns is cooking in the middle of the night . The germans are pushed back a few hundred meters; they climb the machineguns up into the trees and start a killing machine gun fire over our troops which were advancing and over the reserve troops . Towards Dawns the fight is burning down; our losses are felt . The soldiers dig trenches for cover and fix their position on a line between Doaga and Strajescu, in next to 32nd Regiment, which occupies at the right Girla Morilor.


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