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  1. The Chard Canal was a tub boat canal built between 1835 and 1842.
  2. A boat canal on the south side of Lake Summit leads to Lake Eloise.
  3. The transfer took place on 13 April 1865, and the tub-boat canal was closed in 1867.
  4. The project used about of sand removed during dredging of the Captree State Park boat canal to restore beaches at Robert Moses State Park.
  5. He became caught up in the enthusiasm of the " Canal Mania " and in 1793 began developing his ideas for tub-boat canals with inclined planes instead of locks.
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  7. In 1829, Green again proposed a tub-boat canal with inclined planes, but by 1830, this had been altered to seven vertical boat lifts and one inclined plane.
  8. He swiftly presented his views, on 30 August, recommending a tub-boat canal, suitable for four-ton boats in trains ( i . e . connected groups ).
  9. Once again, he advocated a tub-boat canal, this time with three inclined planes : two twin-track inclines, which were counterbalanced, and a third, single-track incline, which required power.
  10. Contrary to popular belief, the town does not sit on a barrier island but on a narrow peninsula which resembles a barrier island ( unless one considers a narrow man-made boat canal well inland that connects White Creek to Little Assawoman Bay ).
  11. In 1947, inventor Lemuel Stewart purchased the fuselage of S-42 NC-822M " Brazilian Clipper " from Pan Am for $ 750.00, converted it to a six-room houseboat, and kept it docked in a boat canal in Miami, Florida.
  12. "' James Green "'( 1781 1849 ) was a noted civil engineer and canal engineer, who was particularly active in the South West of England, where he pioneered the building of tub boat canals, and inventive solutions for coping with hilly terrain, which included tub boat lifts and inclined planes.


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