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  1. Several boatyards specialise in boat sales, boat hire, boat building and repairs.
  2. But the boat hired to come from Tabou never showed up.
  3. Four other boats hired by Taiwan and Hong Kong media later joined the flotilla.
  4. The municipality possesses two beach swimming pools, a boat hire facility, and a sailing school.
  5. It serves as a marina and boat hire centre.
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  7. Audley features extensive picnic areas, boat hire facilities, a bike track and a visitor's centre.
  8. Boat hire and fishing were also very popular.
  9. Otherwise, visitors have to arrange their own transport to the island by private local boat hire.
  10. September 1990, Khon Kaen : A pleasure boat hired by college students capsizes in a reservoir, killing 38.
  11. It is used for a variety of watersports, including powerboat racing, and as the base for boat hire.
  12. After Henley Bridge is the Henley river front with boat hire and a landing stage for riverboat cruises.
  13. More and more boat hire companies ask to see certificates before they will allow you to hire out a boat.
  14. The lake is popular with anglers, ( coarse fishing ) for roach, perch, tench, etc . Boat hire is available.
  15. There are several tourist boat excursions based in Manapouri to service the Fiordland Sounds to fishing charters and boat hire.
  16. The Parkyn family had a jetty, boat hire and bait business upstream from the later site of the Lake Doonella Bridge.
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