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  1. The Borda count is an example of a clone positive method.
  2. A Borda count is used to determine the winner from the rankings.
  3. Candidates are voted for on ranked ballots as in the Borda count.
  4. The classic example of a positional voting system is the Borda count.
  5. The Modified Borda Count is used for decision-making.
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  7. That is, the Borda count does not exhibit independence of irrelevant alternatives
  8. The Borda count is usually defined in this way.
  9. The Borda count is used to determine winners for Toastmasters International speech contests.
  10. Saari uses geometric models of positional voting systems to promote the Borda count.
  11. Borda count is an example of this.
  12. For example, instant-runoff voting and the Borda count do not satisfy the Condorcet criterion.
  13. The Borda count is in use today in some academic institutions, competitions and several political jurisdictions.
  14. The modified Borda count has been used by the Green Party of Ireland to elect its chairperson.
  15. The Finnish Associations Act lists three different modifications of the Borda count for holding a proportional election.
  16. In 1770, Borda formulated a ranked preferential voting system that is referred to as the Borda count.
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