bottle blowing造句

"bottle blowing"是什麽意思   


  1. Zhejiang huangyan longhong plastic machinery fachinery is a major enterprise specializing in research , development and production of bottle blowing machines and injection blowing moulds
  2. The factory specializes in manufacture of cm series fully automatic , semiautomatic bottle blowing machines , injection and blow mould , pet bottle preform and cap of various specifications and space cup etc with famous brand lonhon
  3. In 2005 , the net income of the company reached rmb413 million , and the company delivered over 90 bottle beverage product lines , 39 fully automatic bottle blowing machines , and nearly 80 barrel water bottling product lines to clients , and the products are sold well in over 38 countries
    公司2005年度的凈銷售收入約為4 . 13億人民幣,交付給客戶的瓶裝飲料生產線超過90條,全自動吹瓶機39臺,桶裝水灌裝線近80條,產品在超過38個國家市場上銷售。
  4. We mainly make moulds for injection plastic mould , bumper mould , car lighting mould , pet performs mould , die casting mould , pipe fitting mould , water dripper mould , bottle blowing mould , daily use articles mould , bmc dmc smc mould ect , and the relative daily plastic products
    主要以家庭日用塑料品模具各類汽車摩托車配件模具,電器模具,管坯模具,瓶蓋模具,塑料管件模具,塑料注射模具,吹瓶模具,擠出模具,各類bmc dmc smc壓鑄模具,精密模具制造為主。
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