bottle brush造句

"bottle brush"是什麽意思   


  1. What is the best way to propagate a bottle brush plant?
  2. If the trap is filled with sediment, remove it with a stiff-bristle bottle brush.
  3. Clean the inside of the trap with a bottle brush.
  4. Use a big bottle brush to clean the drain.
  5. The lake duck is notable for possessing, in relation to body length, the bottle brush.
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  7. Remember to wash hummingbird feeders once a week with hot water and a bottle brush.
  8. Tinsel that resembles bottle brushes is much safer.
  9. The exterior of the hall features a painting of bottle brushes trees against a multi-coloured sky.
  10. Snakes called tai-pans and flowers called bottle brushes?
  11. A Babcock test bottle brush is a specialised test tube brush designed for cleaning bottle neck flasks.
  12. When I mentioned " bottle brush,"
  13. Clean out the drain as deeply as possible with an over-sized bottle brush, and be careful of spattering.
  14. The plants have tall spikes of purple flowers resembling bottle brushes or feathers that grow one to five feet tall.
  15. A shallow, water-proofed tilt-down drawer installed in front of the sink keeps scrub pads, sponges and bottle brushes out of sight.
  16. Also, polymers can be tethered in high density to another single polymer chain, although this arrangement is normally named a Bottle brush.
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