bottle cast造句

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  1. For stirring up enthusiasm among students, it makes predecessors like balloons, bottles cast into lakes and oceans and postcards seem pretty insipid.
  2. She's interested in expressive surfaces and colors, and her works often evoke figures, if obliquely : the water bottle casts look like torsos.
  3. After a port call, she put to sea again on 1 May 1963, making Nansen bottle casts, collecting bottom samples & ndash; including a seven-foot ( 2.1-meter ) core sample taken at a depth of 22, 170 feet ( 5, 822 meters ) in the Aleutian Trench & ndash; studying currents with drift bottles and a 54 degrees North latitude.
  4. The message, which he called a " bottle cast into the cosmic ocean, " is in the form of a 12-inch copper phonograph record inserted in an aluminum protective jacket attached to the outside of the spacecraft . It included greetings from people in many languages and from whales, a 12-minute sound essay, 90 minutes of music and a series of blips to be decoded into black-and-white and color photographs.
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